Villeroy & Boch Experience Center in Mettlach

The Villeroy & Boch Experience Center in Mettlach takes you on a stroll through the thousand-year cultural history of the region and the centuries-old tradition of ceramics production. Here, history and new products from Villeroy & Boch are presented to you in an innovative way. Definitely worth a visit!

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site Völklingen Ironworks

As one of currently 36 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany, the Völklingen Ironworks is on a par with great buildings such as the Egyptian pyramids, the Great Wall of China, Cologne Cathedral, or the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
The plant is the most popular industrial monument in Germany and every year inspires visitors from all parts of the country and countless international guests.

Völklingen Ironworks

Archaeological Park Roman Villa Borg

How can you imagine life on a Roman estate in antiquity en détail?

Immerse yourself in the exciting and lively world of the Roman Villa Borg!

The unique reconstructed villa complex gives an idea of how a privileged person lived in those times. The open-air museum with the archaeological museum, the splendid villa baths, the harmonious gardens, the meeting and festival rooms, the gatehouse, the Roman kitchen and last but not least the Roman tavern invite you to stay.

Villa Fox

For culture lovers just right, let yourself be surprised by the diverse offer.

Villa Fuchs Cultural Center
Montclair Castle Saarland
Merzig-Wadern Cultural Foundation

Montclair Castle

As early as about 500 BC, the Celts built a castle-like complex on the mountain in the Saar Loop. The present Montclair Castle was completed in 1439. It belonged to several noble families and became less and less important over the centuries. Further information on the history can be found in the “Burgführer”, which is available from the Merzig-Wadern Cultural Foundation or in the castle bistro.

In 1989, the district of Merzig-Wadern acquired the castle from the von Boch family and restored it. Today, Montclair Castle presents itself as a popular destination with a cozy bistro and beer garden. The fortified towers present a magnificent view over the landscape.

The museum was set up according to museum educational aspects and can be used by school classes as a hands-on program. A museum case can be borrowed to prepare for the visit.

Roman villa Nennig

The imposing mosaic floor of the Roman Villa Nennig is one of the most important, supra-regionally outstanding archaeological monuments of the Saarland. It has the imposing size of 160 m², making it the largest mosaic found so far north of the Alps.

The mosaic floor decorated the atrium of a magnificent Roman estate in the third century AD. Depicted are scenes from the Roman amphitheater. Six octagonal picture panels depict animal hatches and exhibition fights, the seventh and largest picture in square format shows the bloody fight of two gladiators. The pictures, which captivate through their richness of detail and their plastic effect, impressively testify to the richness of the cultural landscape of the Moselle around 2000 years ago.

Discovered in 1852, the mosaic of Nennig was already secured by its own protective structure in 1854. This protective structure is still in use today, making it one of the oldest examples of museum architecture in Germany.


Outlet center Mettlach

All the stores in the center, sights in the surrounding area and a quick way to get there: shopping is fun.

Zweibrücken: The Style Outlet

The Style Outlet in Zweibrücken offers all style-conscious shoppers a wide range of products for every taste. Germany’s largest outlet center invites you to shop in over 120 attractive stores – with discounts from 30 to 70%!

Marques Avenue

The French outlet center in France impresses with a huge selection of women’s, men’s, children’s and sportswear brands Le Coq Sportif, Lacoste, Heyraud shoes and many more. You will find here all the famous French brands, many cafes and children’s playgrounds.

QuattroPole city network

In the border region between Germany, Luxembourg and France, the QuattroPole city network has stood for historical, economic and cultural diversity as well as multilingualism in action since 2000: cross-border vacation packages and day tours in the region entice visitors to go “city hopping” of a special kind. Whether for an enjoyable weekend along the “Gourmet Route” with a total of eleven Michelin stars, for a bike tour around the border triangle or a longer cultural stay – no more than an hour apart, visitors to the cities of Luxembourg, Metz, Saarbrücken and Trier can experience a wide range of tourist attractions with little effort.

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